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Easy therapy

To get a good psychologist for your problems isn't always easy. A reference, a diagnosis and then a limited number of short sessions, mostly set up by the whims of the insurance company. It all could be a bit stressful. When you're almost getting used to your therapist, the sessions are over and you're on your own again. It is often impossible to see your therapist beyond the insured amount of sessions or you will pay a hefty price. 

We can do better!

At Remissio in Maassluis we think that you must be the captain at the wheel when it comes down to your mental health. You decide how many sessions you want and when it stops. Veel van onze cliënten komen later nog wel eens terug voor een eenmalige sessie, een soort mentale APK. Je hebt geen verwijzing nodig, je maakt gewoon een afspraak. Jij bepaalt de prijs vanaf 75 euro per sessie van 75 minuten. De wachtlijsten zijn kort. Binnen een week (soms twee) kun je al bij ons terecht. Maak je afspraak online, stuur ons een mail of geef een belletje. Wij staan je te woord, vertellen je hoe het werkt en maken een afspraak met je. Zodat jouw problemen snel opgelost kunnen worden.

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During the session

In every session we are a team. You control the contents, we guide the process. Through experiencing and talking about it we will find out what is stopping you, hurting you or is making you anxious. In the safe, non-judgemental environment of our room, you can think, say, do, experience and feel anything you want.

You come to us with for example one or more of the following complaints:

  • – Anxiety, fear or panic attacks
  • – Feeling down or depressed
  • – Uncontrolled anger
  • – Personality disorders
  • – Medically unexplained symptoms
  • – Chronic pain
  • – Addiction
  • – Emotions stopping you
  • – Problems with relations with others
  • – Self-harming behavior
  • – Trauma
  • – Burnout
  • – Worrying too much
  • – Lack of confidence
  • – Being bullied
  • – Having trouble letting go
  • – Mourning or loss
  • – Sleeping problems
  • – Stress related complaints
  • – Having trouble feeling emotions

Individual and relationship therapy

We doen sessies voor individuen, en ook voor partners die relatietherapie willen. We richten ons vooral op volwassenen. Voor jongeren vanaf 16 jaar zijn wij ook beschikbaar, maar zijn wij extra kritisch op de problematiek, want dat kan soms om echt specialisme vragen. We zijn niet te beroerd om je door te verwijzen als wij denken dat je ergens anders betere hulp kunt krijgen.

About the psychologists

The most important thing for the therapy to be successful is having a good relationship with the therapist. That bond, that relationship, is something we build during the sessions. You can only know when it clicks when you're facing each other. But we can already give a little insight in to who we are.

We are Michael and Lennard. Old classmates from our Psychology Masters at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. We found each other in the desire to help people. We love the work we do and want to execute it in as pure a fashion as we can. Because we think that people are best helped by that. And we both have a desire to add something to our community and society at large.

Our mission is to make psychological help as accessible as possible for everyone. That's why we have the lowest session rate in the Netherlands with 75 euros for 75 minutes.