How it works

Most affordable psychologist in NL

We want to provide easy psychological help for everyone. That means having a low rate. If you can't get help through insurance, you often pay 120 euros per session or more for psychologists. Sessions last 45 minutes up to an hour in that case. 

At Remissio you will pay starting from 75 euros for an hour and 15 minutes (in other words an hourly rate of 60). 'Starting from', because after every session you have an option to pay more. A 'pay-what-you-want' principle. Are you able to spend more or did you think the session was very worthwhile, then you have the option to pay more.

Why would you pay more? First of all, you are supporting the practice, so we can do this work much longer. And if you pay more it sustains us to keep the lower rates for the people who have less. You are essentially supporting others.

Is 75 euros still too much? Don't hesitate to send us a message to let us know, so we can adjust the rate to your personal situation. We want everyone to be able to come to us, no matter their circumstances, so we will try to make an effort to make that happen.

How is this possible?

We are able to have these rates because of our low costs like rent, barely spending time on administration, which we would be if we were to work via insurance companies. We can sustain the rates through our clients that pay more than minimum. And our business clients who have some more to spend all make the low rates possible.

With your sessions and contribution you can help other people receive sessions as well.


Why go to a psychologist?

Fortunately going to a psychologist isn't a taboo like it used to be. Still, for many it's a big step to really go. Some people feel they themselves should be the ones solving their mental problems.

But like going to the dentist for your teeth, or to the physical therapist if you struggle with certain movements, or going to doctors for physical pain, so too you can go to psychologists for help with mental or psychological problems. 

You wouldn't operate on your own knee if that was needed? Luckily we have a trained surgeon for that. We are trained to help you tackle big and small problems in your life. A single session could guide you in the right direction.

What kind of therapy do we use?

We use an eclectic approach, which means a combination of several methods, like Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP, AEDP and AFT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Minfdfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Focused therapy (SFT) and Client focused or Centered Psychotherapy. Mainly we use ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy).

This active, evidence based method helps you to reach the core of your problems relatively fast, always tailored to your current situation.