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Mentally healthy employees

In times of labor shortages and complex work, healthy and vital employees are a must. Much of absence due to illness originates from stress or other mental problems. Whether these are caused by work or from the private situations. 

Sessions at a psychologist can make sure that colleagues recover more quickly. Even better still is prevention, where employees go to a psychologist before they develop serious complaints and have to stay at home.

At Remissio we are ready for your employees. With hardly any waiting lists, colleagues are quickly helped. An employee doesn't have to go through a long process with health and safety officers to start a first intake. And above all, we don't charge extremely high prices per session of an hour and 15 minutes: With a maximum of 150 per session.

Giving employees access to a therapist is not only beneficial for the health of the employee. It makes sure they are less absent, will feel better and therefore are more productive, AND it's great for employee branding, so that new hires will be more excited to join you.


We can imagine that there's not only one colleague that needs psychological help. Maybe you want to get a string of sessions for a large group of employees or maybe even all employees at your organization. For such a longtime cooperation we have some attractive rates. We have a scale with rates. The sessions you buy expire after a year. All sessions that you purchase can be divided over all your staff.

- 20 sessions for 2.800 euros (140 per session)
- 30 sessions for 4.050 (135 per session)
- 40 sessions for 5.200 euro (130 per session)

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For employees

You're an employee and you would like your sessions to be paid by your employer. If so, then you can send this page to your supervisor. Or set up a meeting between your supervisor or HR department and us. We will explain to your colleagues why it's a great idea that the sessions are being paid for by the employer.